Windows 10, setting Chrome or Firefox as default browser

photo-windows-10-logoYou installed lately windows 10, you noticed that your default browser is no longer what it used to be. When you open your Chrome or Firefox the browser asks  you if you want to set this as your default browser then a message will appear to change this for the settings.  here are the steps with screen shot on how to change the default browser on windows 10 and this can be used to any other default software. Continue reading

Packing list for Hiking, what to pack for your next hike

HikingAre you going on a hike soon? Is this your first time hiking? there are some things that you should take with you on your hike day. Yesterday I went on my first hike, it was a lovely sunny day, but during that hike I used a couple of items that turned out very useful and I missed a couple of other things. so I compiled all those items in this list Continue reading

Steps How to cancel or activate your Apple Music subscription

apple-musicApple introduced lately Apple Music, and with the attempt to advertise this service the company gave all the users a 3 month free subscription. By doing so most of the users will download there music and hence get attached to this service and start paying. That’s one of the strategies to keep users hooked up to a service. If you want to cancel Apple Music subscription check below the steps how you can it from IOS or from Itunes.

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ATHENS, OH MY GODS!!!│What to do in Athens in 6 days

athWhile honeymooners fancy a romantic dinner in the famous sunset of Santorini, others prefer dining with the gods in Athens; if you’re familiar with ancient Greek gods’ names like Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon… You’ll definitely know that Athens was not named Europe’s “historical capital” for nothing. Continue reading

White Blood Cells (WBC)│Detect, Destroy, Retain, Repeat

wbcYour body, your kingdom; protected and maintained by an army of warriors working around the clock to keep you healthy. They fight “nucleus and cytoplasm” against foreign body invaders and sacrifice their lives for your well-being; moreover, they clean after themselves. Continue reading

Asteroid Day: June 30 a Global Day of awareness. #AsteroidDay

Asteroid DayAsteroid Day is an annual global awareness movement that brings people from around the world together to learn about asteroids and what we can do to protect our planet, our families, communities, and future generations. Asteroid Day will be held on the anniversary of the 1908 Siberian Tunguska event, the largest asteroid impact on Earth in recent history.

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MARMARIS, YES PLEASE!│What to do in Marmaris in 6 days

PicsArt_1435306774930When you google Marmaris and come across all those photos of stunning nature scenery, you can’t help but wonder whether they don’t all come in filters; Well, believe it or not, Continue reading

Archery: How to know which is your dominant Eye

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Knowing your Dominant Eye in archery and other types of sports that require aiming is very important. In archery it’s the most important fact, it even solely determines if you use a right handed bow or a left handed bow, your hand preferences has nothing to do with it. Therefor don’t go running to buy a bow before reading the rest of this article and determining your dominant eye. Continue reading